Thinking of Building or Renovating?

There is A LOT for you to consider when Renovating or Building Your New Home!
When choosing a builder is any of the following important to you?

  • Stress Free Building Experience
  • Trust and Peace of mind
  • Uniqueness – Custom Build
  • Budget, Affordability, Time Frame
  • Top Quality – Value for Money
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter
  • Optimal Positioning on Land
  • Clear, Concise, Informative Communication
  • Being involved in the building process
  • Experienced, Qualified, Courteous Tradesmen
  • Quality Fixtures and Fittings
  • Excellent Warranties

If so, then keep reading and find out why you should talk to us about your home building project ….

At BJT Building we pride ourselves on involving you in the building process and It’s our promise to be with you every step of the way, ensuring a stress free smooth flowing journey to your dream home.

WHY should you build with us?

  • Could you sleep easy at night knowing your Builder has over 27 years experience in the building industry?

Scott is a 3rd Generation builder with craftsmanship skills and a wealth of experience and HIA Greensmart Accreditation.

  • Are you concerned when you try to explain your vision the builder might hear something completely different? Thus not resulting in YOUR vision at all?

Scott prides himself on going the extra mile to understand completely your vision. He will also offer practical advice to ensure the design elements which are important to you are also structurally possible.

  • Is Green Living important to you?

With our personalised energy efficient designs and custom built homes you can rest easy knowing you are working with a fully accredited HIA GreenSmart Professional – Scott Mills, who is providing you with all the latest sustainability design options to help you save money on energy costs whilst satisfying your own desire for green living.

  • Are you wanting to build a home that is uniquely yours? – Do you need a solution orientated builder who can think outside the square to ensure your vision ….. becomes your reality!

We WANT to Build for you!!! We are excited for you – absolutely you should want to push the boundaries of design, you should be encouraged to be creative and unique after all it is YOUR home!! Imagine this – you have an idea, You discuss it with Us, We help youmake it happen and the end result is even better than you imagined!!!!
How will you feel standing in your new home knowing your ideas created this!

  • Is it important for you to understand the building process? – After all building is one of the largest financial investments and time commitments you will ever make in your life!!

At BJT Building we believe communication is paramount to ensure the project is as stress free as possible for all parties involved. If you understand the process there is no need for unnecessary worry. Scott encourages you to ask as many questions as you like so all parties are on the same page and so small issues are resolved in a timely manner

Do you like what you have read so far but nervous about choosing the wrong builder?

It is a HUGE decision so we are giving you the opportunity to “try before you buy” and check out if we are the best choice for you!!

Book today for your FREE (no obligation) Design Consultation on your land.

  • We will share with you how to maximise your blocks natural assets such as the morning sun, breezes and views.
  • How to position your home to optimise the above.
  • Discuss Design Ideas
  • Receive practical, down to earth, common sense advice to help you design a home to meet your budget
  • Tips on Saving Money Year after Year
  • Great opportunity to meet with the builder and trust your own instincts on whether or not we are the right choice for you!

By the end of your consultation we are confident you will walk away with the knowledge to ensure your new home will not only look amazing but also provide the safety, security and comfort we all desire for our loved ones. 

We have a simple mission…..We strive to be the building company you WANT to deal with time after time.

We know what we expect as a client and work to a standard to ensure we exceed your expectations. We are passionate about our local community and our reputation within it.

At BJT Building, we have a simple mission … to deliver on Affordability, Trust, Personalised Service and a Superb Finish.

“We build your dream – You Create the Memories”